Orava Snowkite Challenge 2020 - International snowkiting cup

The 2020 OSC edition was combined with Polish Snowkite PZKite Cup. 30 competitors from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and Spain took part in Snowkite Challange. During 2 days of competition we have 9 runs in Race category and Hangtime part.

SKI OPEN RACE Category Results:
1. Jan Koszowski JJ Splawik
2. ex aequo Piotrek Damec and Martin Lafek
3. Jasiek Milarski

1. Jeremy Burlando kiteboarding
2. Jindrich Houstek
3. Marcin Kalafus

HANGTIME category
1. Martin Lafek
2 Jasiek Milarski
3. Jeremy Burlando

Orava Snowkite Challenge 2020 Video

Orava Snowkite Challenge 2019 - snowy edition

During OSC 2019, we couldn’t complain for snow, moreover – amount of snow was huge one day and it brought problems with getting to competition area with cars. 

There were 3 runs in 3 categories: Race Ski, Snowboard Man and Snowboard Woman. Hangtime sadly did not take place because of weakening wind right after Race competition. 27 competitors out of 35 registered competitors, took part in Challange. However, the difficult conditions on the spot – squalling wind, falling snow did not make the decision about start easy, especially troubled were tube kites owners.

OSC 2019 Results

Orava Snowkite Challenge 2019 video