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Home of Orava Snowkite Challenge event and most famous place in Orava region for snowkiters.

Popularity can be visible when wind blows and dozens of kiters are coming. What makes this place so special?

The place with beautiful view on Pilsko and Babia Hora owes name because of nice and small chapel which is located just at entrance to spot.

Chapel snowkite spot is quite large and its height 800m above sea level almost always delivers enough snow for proper snowkiting.

Wind direction

All directions. Best West and South 


770m - 830m 


Quite Big - 1,8 km2


Varied spot. For beginners and advanced

spot map

Spot is divided into 3 parts: the main and middle part (Basic/ School zone), it is a slightly sloping side of the north, which is an ideal place for beginners and people looking for different levels. Before the winter, the field has grass surface, for that reason its enough to have 10-15 cm of snow cover for Snowkitng during the winter.

On this place is the main competition – RACE during Orava Snowkite Challenge event. With a higher number of visitors on the spot, after few days without precipitation a rugger hard cover is created which is allowing to kites in a bad wind conditions. It is a place for snowkite courses, so during a trainning you need to pay more attention to the people who are taking first steps in Snowkiting.

For more advanced riders, the spot has two hills: the first on the south side (Freeride Zone I) separated by the road from the central part, it gives the possibility of climbing approx. 50 m of elevation. At the top of a small hill, there are some flat and slightly sloping slopes. You can often find fresh, blown snow there, which makes snowkiting even more enjoyable.In the case of a west-north direction, this elevation is a good solution because there is a less squirrel wind than the middle zone of the spot.

chapel - video

From the northern side, the spot is closed by a slope separated from the central part by a medium voltage line (Freeride Zone II). You have to pay a special attention here and stay at least 50 meters away from it to avoid dangerous situations. Kite must be moved and take off behind the medium voltage line.
Then we have a large and wide slope with several groves, from where we have a view of the whole place and a large part of Orava and in clear weather you can see the Western Tatras.The slope allows climbing on snowkites. It is an interesting choice for freestyle and freeriding fans.

Chapel Video II


The best direction is the most common places in this area, i. J. West (W), South (S) and their combinations. The place lies at the foot of the hill Pilsko, so the northern direction is uneven and brings a lot of turbulence. A clear exit (E) is also provided at this point, but if the wind begins to head south (SE), it is blocked by a forest on the southeast.

pay attention

• Parking is not allowed on the spot
HIGH VOLTAGE LINE (separating the central part of the site from the north) – please take of kite and carry it if you would like to get to the other side. Please avoid dangerous situation !
• With a small snow cover please watch frozen soil, stones, especially on places where the ground is visibly plowed out
Chapel spot access – please see more information below

Chapel spot access

Access on a spot can be sometimes a little bit difficult mainly due to the access road – few last kilometers is a dirt road. Usually the snow is cleared until noon, but there are days when it is not cleared at all. At some points along the road, snow is blown out of the fields and snow drifts may form that block the passage.
For people coming from Żywiec or Jabłonka – easier access is from the town of Sihelne.If there is no snow-covered car park near the chapel, park along the road to avoid traffic. When choosing this place, it is worth to have a snow shovel and chains in hand.

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