Preukaz kitera - Oravy


Orava is a beautiful nature land with a many Snowkiting spots. Most of them are located in protected zone: CHKO Horna Orava (Upper Orava Landscape park). Thanks to Slovak hospitability we have not get any suspensions to perform Snowkiting in that area. Of course, we have to follow rules set by Slovakia authorities to continue with this perfect cooperation so far.

In order to be able to perform Snowkiting in that area (CHKO HORNA ORAVA) you have to become a member of the M3N association. Each kiter’s belonging to this association is allowed to perform Snowkiting in the protected zone D of CHKO HORNA ORAVA.
David Romanak (CEO of M3N association ) has already initiated cooperation with CHKO Horna Orava association with the main goal to make a valid procedure and to avoid any law discrepancies.

To be a member of M3N association please follow below steps :

1. Check all principles of CHKO HORNA ORAVA

2. Register to M3N association within a registration formular :

3. Contact M3N representatives to arrange signature of relevant documents to get the official card
(The Card can be picked up personally only. Completion of above trainning/registration/documents signature is mandatory)

The card can be picked up by Polish and Slovak representatives:

Namestovo – David Romanak Tel. +421 917 474 320

Korbielów – Piotr Damec tel. +48 503 735 103

Korbielów – Andrzej Kaźmierczak tel. +48 690 681 321

Please find below commitmnent and answers between M3N & CHKO HORNA ORAVA