kite rental / test center

We invite you to use our kite base. You will find equipment from the three most valued brands when it comes to foil kites – Flysurfer, Ozone and Peter Lynn.

How it works?

We rent kites during common land and snowkite sessions, which we organize in the winter season in Slovak Oravs and Beskids Mountains. Then you have access to many sizes and models. Thanks to which your kite can be properly selected for the prevailing wind conditions.


Taking care of the safety of both – you and equipment, we only rent kites to people who can operate cell kites and have no problem with ride upwind. People who want to try snowkiting on cell kites, but used tube-kites so far, we invite to take an hour-long lesson. Differences in the method of equipment preparation, starting, landing and working in a wind window will be discussed.

You never flew before ? Join the course!
You can safely make your first snowkite ride with us.

If you already have kite experience, but you don’t feel confident with your skills on new equipment and in new terrain, we recommend to ask about Kite Guard. He will take care about smooth running session and help in difficult situations. In addition, we will select a wing model suitable to your skills level and conditions.

Appropriate clothing is required for cold, windy winter conditions. Also helmet, KL and  insurance cover for extreme sports accident abroad (Slovakia) is necessary.

If you want to test proper kite model and size, please reserve it in advance. The base of available kites and the price list can be found in the table below.

We rent only to adults.


Kites can be rented for hour, but it is possible to use 3-hour rental package – this is how long our snowkite sessions usually takes. Kites are divided into 3 groups, depending on the advancement of wing – Beginner, Professional and Expert.

3 Hours BEGINNER RENT – 50EU – Access to kites from the Beginner group
3 Hours – PROFESSIONAL RENT – 60EU – Access to kites
from the Beginner and Professional group
3 Hours – EXPERT – 70EU – Access to the entire kite base.

Long-term rental – price and conditions we set individually.

Kite Guard – is taking care of the smooth running of the session. It is
a great option for beginners, which includes care and assistance of the instructor during start, landing kite and difficult situations, such as restart problems, tangled kite or lines. The final price is determined by the frequency of the instructor’s intervention during the session.

For our students – 15%
Attractive discounts for groups and multi-day rentals – contact us 


ModelRodzaj LatawcaGrupaDostępne RozmiaryCena za godzinę
Flysurfer VironZamkniętokomorowy - treningowyBeginner6m50 pln
Flysurfer Peak 3Komorowy - Single SkinBeginner4m 6m 9m 12m60 pln
Flysurfer Peak 4Komorowy - Single SkinBeginner3m 5m 6m 8m 11m 13m70 pln
Flysurfer Peak 5Komorowy - Single SkinBeginner3m 5m 6m 8m 11m 13m70pln
Flysurfer StokePompowanyPrefessional9m12m80 pln
Flysurfer SoulZamkniętokomorowyExpert8m 15m100 pln


ModelRodzaj LatawcaGrupaDostępne RozmiaryCena za godzinę
Ozone PureOtwartokomorowyBeginner8m10m50 pln
Ozone ExplorerKomorowy - Single SkinBeginner9m12m60 pln
Ozone AccessOtwartokomorowyBeginner10m60 pln
Ozone SummitOtwartokomorowyProfessional10m80 pln
Ozone FrenzyOtwartokomorowyProfessional11m13m80 pln
Ozone BlizzardOtwartokomorowyProfessional11m80 pln