Snowkite trips to Orava

Whole winter we organize one-day snowkite trips to Oravy.
Join Snowkite Weeks Camps for several days of snowkiting. This is an opportunity to meet new people with snowkite teaser and more.

Our accommodation base is located in Korbielów – Wild House Pilsko B&B&Ride. We usually start our snowkite trips from there.

If you do not have experience, join snowkite trainings. For experienced kiters we recommend to visit our kite rental center, which is currently the largest base of foil kites in Poland and Slovakia!

When We Are flying ?

We organize snowkite trips throughout the winter seasion according to the forecast 

During Snowkite Weeks we catch every wind blast in Oravy:

January dates:
3 – 9 of January 
10 – 15 of January 

March dates:
1 – 7 of March

We inform about one-day trips on Facebook profile of Snowkite Orava and Wypady Snowkite Beskidy Orava group.

If you want to know more about current conditions and get more details before your next snowkite session? Feel free to contact us.