Orava Snowkite Challenge 2021

8-10 january 2021

Dear kite friends, Last year we had colourfull - kite sky during OSC 2020. We would love to see even more this year, but due to actual situation we need to be patience and observe covid restrictions. We will inform you about new date as soon as we can, we need to be sure that Such a event will be able to run. Stay tuned and wait for further information. Have a great Christmas and Happy New-Windy Year!

Due to regulations of Covid-19, it’s necessary to have negative RT-PCR test result for 72 hours to cross Slovakia border. We are working at alternative date of OSC – In February - if situation with restrictions In January won’t change. We will inform about current changes on Facebook OSC event and privat e-mail messages to All participants.


Another edition of the snowkite festival in Orava is comming. We want to invite all fans of snowkiting on all levels of experience – proffesionalist and amatours. Thanks to support of the Visegrad Fund, we can surprise you with some new improvements, it will be event on wolrd class level!

  • 3 disciplines (Race, Cross Country, Hangtime)
  • Electronic timefor each rider
  • A huge spherical tent – warm – musical heart of the event
  • Prizes for winners and random gadgets for riders
  • Tests of renowned brands: Flysurfer, Ozone, Peter Lynn
  • Snowkite training for beginners
  • Join snowkite session and spot exploration in Orava
  • Music, bonfire, grill – integration with all snowkiters

general information

Take part in snowkite competitions and integration with snowkiters from different countries! This event is not only for those who wants to compete. We are also there for those who would like to learn snowkiting or just chill in Orava region! 

We have prepared a unique place – heart of the competition – a spherical event tent, where you can eat, rest, listen to music and integrate with snowkite family.

Competition takes place in 3 categories:

  • Race – main discipline – medium distance (about 2 km), 4 to 8 runs, classic regatta form,
  • Cross Country – long distance (4-6km), varied terrain, one big race, everybody at once,
  • Hang Time – Big Air Jam – who is in the air the longest

Results will be counted separately for women and men, but all riders starts together.

Big improvement during Orava Snowkite Challenge 2021 is that all riders will be equipped with GPS sensor and professional team will take care about measuring times during race!

We invite you – once again – to a great sport competition in a mountain climate. There will be a lot of positive vibrations, music, wind, snow and of course kites, all down the Pilsko and Babia Góra mountains in the Slovakian Orava – between villages Sihelne and Oravskie Vesele.

video relation from osc 2020

Join OSC 2021 - registration

To join event, please complete the online form.

Register online – first 30 riders get a promotional entry fee!

What are the costs?

  • Online registration – first 30 riders – 20EU
  • Online registration – all others – 25EU
  • Regular registration – during event – 30EU
  • Deposit for the starting number – 10EU

As part of the entry fee, we provide:

  • Start in Race, Cross Country and Hangtime competitions
  • Chip – measuring the real time of each competitor displayed on the screen after each run
  • Prizes for the winners (1,2,3 places)
  • 2 hot meals + hot tea throughout the weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Possibility to test kites and other equipment from  top manufacturers like Flysurfer, Peter Lynn, Ozone.
  • Entrance to a heated sphere tent
  • Roadside assistance in the Orava region – in case of problems with access to spot.

OSC 2021 Program

In case of favorable wind forecasts, we plan to do most runs on January 9 and 10. January 8 is a backup day for warming up and training. 

Friday (01/08/2021) – TRAINING OR RESERVE DAY
08:00 – 19:00 Free program, preparing on race
12:30 – 15:30 Riders registration
Saturday (01/09/2021) – EVENT DAY
07:30 – 10:30 Riders Registrations
08:00 – 16:00 Courses for visitors
10:30 – 11:30 Information about competition rules for riders
11:30 – 15:30 Cross Country (adjusted weather and race))
11:30 – 15:30 RACE (main discipline)
11:30 – 15:30 Hang Time (adjusted race)
Sunday (01/10/2021) SCHOOL / TEST / EVENT DAY
08:00 – 16:00Courses for visitors
08:30 – 15:30 Hang time (adjusted race)
08:30 – 15:30 RACE (main discipline)
08:30 – 15:30 Cross Country (adjusted weather and race)
15:30 – 16:30 OFFICIAL RESULTS

Competition Informations - Race

The RACE competition will run according to the standard regat form. We will race on the plan of a set triangle – with the wind, half-wind and against the wind. The loop will be about 1 km long, there will be 2 or 3 laps – depending on the conditions and number of participants. Heats minimum 4 (1 disqualification). During 2 days we will try to run about 8 runs. Competition is played on slight slope area.

There will be the 2nd Open Race Ski and Open Race Snowboard categories for men. As for ladies, competition will run with an attendance of more than 3 people in both categories – Ski and Snowboard. In the case of smaller number of participants, ladies will start in common category of man Open. 

Competition information - Cross Country

Cross Country – a long distance race that stretches across the entire Orava spot. A treat for freeride and mountain snowkiting lovers. We hope that this year we would have enaugh snow to use entire spot to organize this competition.

The competition is played in area with different slopes with terrain obstacles. Cross Country will be held in two categories: Open Ski and Open Snowboard for men and women, from a common start.

We will try to play this discipline a second time in the history of the Orava Snowkite Challange.

Competition Information - Hangtime

Hangtime competition, which is one of the most spectacular disciplines, will be played in favorable wind conditions (predictable wind). Competition will take form of a Jam, approx. 45 minutes long, with 2 or 3 longest jumps (depending on the conditions and number of participants). Time that kiter spent in the air will count. Competitors will jump in some order, in pairs. The 1st longest flying kiter will be awarded in each of the two categories: Snowboard and Skis.

Trainings for begginers

OSC’s mission has always been to integrate new snowkiters, “infect” others with this sport and increase level of safety at the spots.

We invite beginners or those who would like to improve their skills for snowkite training on the dates: from 3 to 8 January and after the competition from 11 to 15 January – for the forecast.

We offer a 20% discount for training for the OSC password mentioned during registering!


  • Training – phone booking
  • 18 years or older
  • Basic skills (skiing or snowboarding)
  • Own equipment (skis, snowboard) – possibility to rent

Registration, additional information – Piotr + 48 503 735 103

Equipment Tests and Rental Center

Competitors registered for OSC 2021 will be able to use the option of testing wings of companies supporting our event. Exact list of partners will be published at the Facebook event.

Willing to rent equipment for a longer period, please, check prices and available kite base HERE

An additional list of equipment available during OSC will be released at the event. For participants registered at the OSC – 20% discount on the rental equipment and offered packages!

OSC place - Chapel Spot

The competition takes place on one of the largest, highest spot in Orava. It is located between Sihelne and Oravskie Vesele, about 12 km from Polish border in Korbielów.

More information about spot – HERE