Snowkite Weeks 2021

During Snowkite Weeks we are looking for conditions to have successful snowkite session and if only heavens bring fresh snow, also for freeriding on Pilsko.

For people who would like to learn snowkiting, during the week we try to share with you our 6 years of knowledge about it. For experienced kiters, it is an option to meet new snowkite spots, people with kiteboarding and winter teasers and test various wings.

Thanks to cellular low-wind kites, we support a very wide wind range, starting from 3-4 knots, i.e. about 6-8 km / h, in practice, if there is snow, we do not need much more to do snowkiting.

The starting point is located in Korbielów, 1 km from Pilsko, after Kasprowy Wierch, the highest ski station in Poland. As long as there are no wind conditions, we use the ski slopes and an endless number of freeride routes in Pilsko.


  • Training for beginners
  • The largest base of open and closed cell kites in Poland
  • Flysurfer, Ozone and Peter Lynn rental and test center
  • Snowkiting, skiing and snowboarding instructors
  • Attractive discounts for equipment
  • Exploring spots in Slovak Orava and Beskidy Mountains


  • Poza Horyzont in Korbielów – 2,5 km from the Pilsko Beskid Żywiecki ski complex
  • First snowkite spots – 12 km from the accommodation (map)
  • Rooms with bathrooms, relaxed and easy-going atmosphere, sauna
  • 70 km from Zakopane, 110 km from Chopok


  • using routes of Pilsko (the second highest ski station in Poland)
  • Ski and snowboard training
  • Freeride – learning about local forest lines
  • Possibility to rent a ski tour, splitboard
  • Trips to Aquapark / Spa

Wild Snowkite Weeks dates

This season, we fire up 3 wild weeks, and during the winter break we train for the forecast:

Snowkite weeks january

January 4 – 10
January 10 – 15
dates combined with the Orava Snowkite Challenge amateur competition

Snowkite weeks march

1 marzec – 7 marzec

Snowkite winter holidays (January 13 – February 28)

Forecast training – i.e. we fly when wind blows.

January date

The Orava Snowkite Challenge (info) is scheduled between January snowkiteweeks. This is an opportunity to ride in good company. In the beginning of January we can meet certain snow in Orava and this is date when there is no school holidays yet, so in the absence of wind conditions, we can use the Pilska routes without queues.

march date

The end of February and the whole of March are the most favorable times for snowkite sessions. Snow accumulated during the winter, long days and winter temperatures in the mountains are recipe for successful flying. During this period, the afternoon thermal winds in the mountains are the most even, and with sunny weather you can have session of your dreams.

Training is also possible during the winter break (January 18 – February 28), then we invite you to our base in Korbielów. However, due to the conducted ski and snowboard training, we arrange snowkite training individually / small groups “on the forecast”.


for independent kiters

For experienced kiters we offer the possibility of testing
and rental of Flysurfer, Peter Lynn, Ozone wings from our kite base (INFO). Among our kites you will find models such as the new Flysurfer Soul, Ozone Hyperlink or Peter Lynn Nova and many others.

In addition, we invite you to join sessions, where we introduce you
with the characteristics of spots in Slovak Orava and Żywiecczyzna. For experienced kiters, in case of favorable weather conditions, we organize sessions at the top of Pilsko, the highest, unofficial snowkite spot.

map of spots

snowkiting lessons

If you can ski or snowboard then you are halfway to learn snowkiting. The mission of the training is to make the student independent
in using kite and familiarization with specifics of mountain snowkiting. Practical training is supplemented with theoretical lessons
at the place where we are stayin.

Trainings are conducted in small groups and individually by at least two instructors + instructor’s assistant.

During the course you will learn many aspects of snowkiting, including:

  • construction and types of kites (chamber, closed-chamber, one-skin, pumped,)
  • rules for choosing a place and kites to the conditions
  • safety analysis on the spot
  • culture of a ride on the spot
  • communication signs
  • the theory of the wind window
  • wind effects in mountainous terrain
  • the security systems
  • work in wind window with a training kite
  • exercises to improve control and movement with the kite,
  • preparation for take-off and learning to control a kite with de-power
  • basics of tacking and upwind driving
  • basic phrases and their types
  • dangerous situations – how to avoid, how to react
  • landing kite in difficult conditions
  • methods of rolling and packing a cellular kite
  • After the training, in case of favorable conditions, it is possible to rent a kite from our kite base and ride with the supervision of instructors.



we teach on foil kites  

We conduct training on the wings of most famous companies – Flysurfer, Peter Lynn and Ozone. We use open and closed cellular wings, which are easy to take off and land as well. They also have impact resistant.

Cellular kites have a very wide wind range (from 3 to 20 knots) Thanks to the activities conducted in light winds and moderate, they are safe for the student to handle. During training we also teach how to operate pomped kites, which are popular on the water.



Practical training is accompanied by theoretical lectures, which takes place in the sleeping base. Training materials are presented and discussed, and after first attempts, students have opportunity to analyze errors based on record movies or photos from practical training. Evening lectures of theory and basics allows us to use all time we spend on the spot for good practial training.


If you finish training hours there is the option to rent a kite and ride on your own. This option is possible only with appropriate wind conditions and only in the case of students who are already able to “sharpen” – that is, return to the starting point and do not make big mistakes in steering the kite.

The cost of renting a kite with a harness is 30-70 PLN / h, depending of the type of a kite.



If there are no wind conditions, we can use ski resort – 1 km from the accommodation base which offers 10 km of slopes. However, we also do off-track skiing and we are happy to share the best freeride lines in Pilsko with you, whenever the conditions allows it. From Korbielów it is also close by car to get to Szczyrk (1 hour), and (approx. 2 hours) to Chopok.



Sleeping base takes place in WildHouse B & B & Ride. The rooms are with bathrooms, there is access to the kitchen, the entire ground floor, sauna and garden. (INFO)


The final cost depends on the length of stay, training and possible equipment rentals. We invite you to use our special offers which we prepared basing on your needs.

you pay for flying hours

Due to the high dependence on weather conditions, we adjust the final price for training to the flown hours. If you have not used your hours, it is possible to get money back or fly unused hours at another time.

SNOWKITE BEGINNER – 1450 PLN (6 days) – An option for people who have never had contact with kite, or their knowledge is very basic and requires cours from “zero” level.
– practical training (6h) – 700 PLN
– theoretical training (2h) – 100 PLN
– equipment rental after the training (2 x 3h) 250 PLN
– accommodation (5 days) PLN 250 ( + 50 PLN for each another day)
– transport to the spot 50 PLN
– insurance 100 PLN

Option for people who have completed courses on the water (IKO I, II) and are able to use the de-power kite:
– practical training (4h) – PLN 550
– theoretical training (2h) – PLN 50
– equipment rental after the training (2 x 3h) 250
– overnight stay (3 days) PLN 150 ( 50 PLN for each another day)
– insurance 100 PLN

– possibility of testing the wings from our kite base (8 hours) 500 PLN
– accommodation (2 days) 100 PLN (50 PLN for each another day)
– insurance 100 PLN

For people who have not found an option for themselves or are planning to come
“On the forecast”:

Kite training
1 hour of training – 180 PLN (Instructor + kite + harness)
Equipment rental
Kite – 40-100 PLN / h depending on the model
Ski / Snowboard – 30-50 PLN / day
1 night – 60 PLN
2 and more nights – 50 PLN / night

– basic skiing / snowboarding skills (riding on the edge) (possibility of training on site)
– own ski / snowboard equipment (possibility to rent)
– 18 years or older
– KL insurance abroad (Slovakia) and accident insurance


Peter – +48 503 735 103
Andrew – +48 690 681 321