Excellent spot for east winds

general information

Spot located at base of Babia Góra with beautiful view on Pilsko.

Place will satisfy variety of kiters because of its shape and landscape – flat terrain for beginners and some slopes for freeride/freestyle enthusiasts. Spot for east wind direction, check out why. 

wind direction

The best are east directions (E, ES, EN)


675m - 725m


Average - 1.27 km2


Good for beginners as well as for advanced snowkiters

spot map

Spot is located above road leading to Gojovka from Rabcice. 

Looking at terrain map, you can see that spot is located in wind nozzle. In practice it means that , we can expect steady east and northeast winds which are usually stronger than in forecast (Venturi effect).

The place creates a gentle and wide ridge, unforested on its eastern side, so in this direction we will get a lot of wind blowing uphill. In the upper part it is usually flat, there are slight differences in the terrain in the scale of elevation.

Surface of the spot is  mostly grassy, so relatively little snow cover is needed for Snowkiting – about 10-20 cm of snow powder allows you to ride!

At the top of the ridge is an access road with bushes on the sides and medium-sized trees. On the east side we have a path on the leeward side, so it’s worth going to the right distance.

From the south, the place is closed by a high-voltage line, where you must pay special attention and stay at least 50 meters away from it to avoid dangerous situation. 

In the northwestern part of the described area (blue on the map) we have a piece of field with
a west-south exposure. This field is relatively small and in the above direction (west – south), for people looking for large places we reccomend to go to places called CHAPEL SPOT or TWO TOWERS. 

Wind direction

Ideal location for east directions (E, ES, EN) due to the exposure of the area, its location and location in the wind nozzle.
Driving in western directions is rather only for experienced kiters, because there is little sloping terrain in this direction.

pay attention

  • HIGH VOLTAGE LINE – Please keep an distance and avoid dangerous situation !
  • With a small snow cover please watch frozen soil, stones, especially on places where the ground is visibly plowed out
  • RABCA spot access – check for more information below

access and parking

We have two options for parking your car. Parking I is located at the top of the place and we recommend choosing it if the access road is passible.

Pin – Parking I

The last 100 meters in front of the parking we have a road uphill, which is often not clear of snow. If we can’t go upstairs, we have to leave the car at the bottom or use the second option – Parking II.

Pin – Parking II

If the conditions do not allow you to park in Parking I, we must go to Gajówka and use the courtesy of the locals. The car can be parked next to private property. That’s why we havewalk just a few tens of meters to
a place where there is enough space to expand the set and capture the east wind, which will take us to the top of the place.

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