Visegard Snowkite Cup

An International SVK-CZ-PL event. It will be two Snowkite Events. First one is organized on Orava as Orava Snowkite Challenge, OSC 2022. Second event as Lipno Snowkite Challenge organized in Czech Republic. 

Both events are great opportunity to meet snowkiters from different countries, take part in race and hangtime competition, try snowkite equipment from top manufacturers and join snowkite sessions.

Orava Snowkite Challange

14 - 16 january 2022

Snowkite festival taking place for fifth time in Oravske Vesele at beginning of January.

Lipno Snowkite Challenge

11 - 13 february 2022

Second event in 2022 organized in Lipno, Czech republic.

Oragnizers and partners