VisegrAd Snowkite Cup 2024

VISEGRAD SNOWKITE CUP 2024 is including three events – in Slovakia, Czech Republic and HUNGARY. Three events which connect four V4 countries into the one cooperation … it is not impossible, it works. 

How? By perfect cooperation of Slovak, Polish, Czech, Hungarinan Snowkites and kites enthusiasts sharing positive vibes going from this sport and giving all hearts into a common goal to support regional development and Tourism with motivation of children and youth for sport activities. Events will bring an amazing snowkite or kite session again.

Full 3 days of perfect atmosphere, party on the snow and water, competition, courses, adrenaline jumps performed by profi kite riders and more others. 

We offer fun on the snow for children, their parents and grandparents with perfect accompanying program prepared for them. 

Of course, the main goal of our events is kite competition for all kite riders. They will start in 3 disciplines: Race, Hang time and Cross Country. They are motivated by great prices. 

The overall winner will win the CUP with logo of VISEGRAD.
What is more? For all others, as beginners we will offer kite courses which will be provided by our Polish partner = professional kite instructors. Those courses are free during an event. It is a unique opportunity for everyone. We believe everybody who will come will enjoy it. We are looking forward to see you there.

Organizers and Partners

VISEGRAD KITE Camp Hungary Gárdony

07 - 08 OCTOBER 2023


05 - 07 january 2024


02 - 04 february 2024